Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coldplay - "Paradise" (Elephant Without a Cause)

Contrary to the bulk of Coldplay's commercial output, the concept @ the center of "Paradise" really is a simple, easily relate-able topic: sense of longing. Mat Whitecross filmed the accompanying music video along with Coldplay, over a last minute 2-day shoot between London and South Africa. Chris Martin stars as a homesick man-elephant; A concept which the frontman himself [fully] thought up and fleshed out.
Majority of the time, Mr. Paltrow Chris Martin can be seen taking part in a number of assorted hi-jinx: unicycles, un-rhythmic dancing, panhandling, transportation, melodically-echoed hooks, travel peanuts, and graffiti... All culminating with one glorious, sun-drenched reunion and of course - Coldplay's ("Elephant Mask") encore in Johannesburg, South Africa. The band's fifth album, Mylo Xyloto is now conveniently available for your listening pleasure.

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