Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cults Recruit Freddie Gibbs for "Bad Things" (VERY RARE Hip-Hop Mixtape)

Madeline Follin & Brian Oblivion [O.K.A. "Cults"] somehow manage to produce a blend of sun-drenched Pop and 60's era Girl Group ditties, which is the total 360° flip of their adverse dark, gloomy public image. Following the release of their self-titled debut long-player (In the Name Of), Cults went on to announce an interesting second step:
"We're working on a Hip-Hop mixtape of the album. Like, changing all the songs up and getting up-and-coming rappers, guys like Freddie Gibbs and Lil B and stuff. That's gonna be really exciting. We've been dealing with a lot of really bizarre managers... interesting personalities."

- Brian Oblivion on Guitar

Fast-forward from Summer-Fall 2011 _ Earlier today, Hypetrak fully liberated Cults' initial foray into Hip-Hop: "Bad Things" (Remix). Sporting a slightly sped up and Boom Bapped beat, Brian & Madeline even re-recorded their vocal flourishes to better match Freddie Gibbs' appended verses. As expected, "Bad Things" [Rapp] contains a few noticeable changes... More prominent drums and pitched up down organ riffs, which along with Madeline Follin's vocals, create an ideal pocket for some of Freddie Gibbs' perfectly SWAGGED out boastful rhymes. Further details concerning Cults - "Hip-Hop Mixtape" are unknown; But specifics and additional collaborative forces are expected to be revealed shortly. #LilyAllen

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