Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Small Black - "Love's Not Enough" (Nicki Minaj) _ MOON KILLER EDIT *

The art of compiling and releasing cast off left-overs and B-sides has been a long-standing tradition in both Hip-Hop and Indie music; Pivotal to their natural progressions, since concurrently forming back in the 1980's. Hip-Hop artists and fans widely refer to the practice as the "mixtape:" A release which generally complies unclear-able samples and nearly-completed left-over tracks. Promotional tool used around the time of album release(s). Now, Indie Rock artists and devotees commonly refer to the medium as "mix CD [tape]:" More of a fan-run thing, mix CD's are often burned for a love interest and usually posses a running theme or mood.

UPDATE: The "apocalyptic" date, 11/11/11 did in fact approach and complete. So, that means that Small Black - MOON KILLER (mixtape) was liberated earlier this morning. Yadda, yadda, yadda... Direct download link. This includes 2 Heems features, Nick Minaj-Carpenters samples, Star Slinger-Phonetag Remix [Edits], and much, much more!

Indie bands and films are widely known to embrace the common fan practice of mix CD. For the most part, it's not very often that an Indie band releases a Hip-Hop-themed mixtape or vice versa. With that said, once in a blue moon, it happens... Small Black are signed to Heems' own up-start record label, Greedhead. Together, they're prepping Moon Killer (mixtape), in-between album filler, for an 11/11/11 release [tomorrow]. The Brooklyn-based Chillwavers seem to be strongly influenced by Hip-Hop: Nasty Nas, Drake, sampling, The Carpenters, Pere Ubu, and Das Racist. Contained within the bounds of this post are Moon Killer's featured artwork and 2 of 3 promotional tracks. The most recent leak, "Love's Not Enough" samples and builds upon a size-able chunk of Nicki Minaj's recent hit, "Your Love" (Oak & Pop). Miss Young Money's song, in turn samples a 1994 Annie Lennox single, "No More I Love You's."

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