Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lex Records #10 Presents: DOOM, Yorke & Greenwood - "Retarded Fren" (Complex)

They say that some of the best collaborative results come out of mutual admiration and friendship. Daniel Dumile AKA Zev Love X [MF] DOOM and Thom Yorke (Radiohead) managed to form their own professional bond around 2007-09. First off, Yorke featured a few DOOM-affiliated tracks within his various DJ mixes/playlists. He then proceeded to concoct a remix of "GAZILLION EAR," a track from DOOM's very own Born Like This (2009). Talking to the press in March 2011, Dumile seemingly revealed plans to lay down a full album's-worth of material of material with Thom Yorke.

Lex Records has now liberated what appears to be the preliminary fruits of DOOM & Yorke's labors. Diligently produced and melded along with the technical assistance of Radiohead guitarist-producer Jonny Greenwood, "Retarded Fren" was quietly released late last night (11/1-2). Serving as Track #1 from Lex Records' upcoming 10-year retrospective compilation "Complex," it draws sampled segments from Jonny Greenwood's There Will Be Blood film score (2007). Preceding "Complex"'s vinyl-based Jan. release, it's 10 tracks will slowly be revealed every Monday for the next month or so. DOOM & Thom Yorke are currently working on their respective solo ventures: "Swift & Changeable" [Ghostface Killah] and Atoms for Peace.

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