Saturday, November 19, 2011

J*DaVeY - New Designer Drug: Hardest Fix on These Mean Streets (Nov. 2wenty2)

Who is J*DaVeY, you might ask? Genre-blending Los Angeles-based duo made up of Jack Davey (female) and Brook D'Leau (male). Eventhough they've been fairly active on the music scene since 2007, J*DaVeY are just now prepping the wide release of their debut album: New Designer Drug. Their unique fusion of Funk-infused Hip-Hop/Punk has been very positively received by fans and critics alike, yet highly bootlegged; Former record label, Warner Bros. showed little-no support and as a result... The Beauty In Distortion & The Land of The Lost, Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes, and Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes #2 were essentially released independently between 2005-11.

J*DaVeY have now successfully broken loose from their Warner Bros. contract... New Designer Drug will now be self-released on Jack & Brook's own label, ILLAV8R this coming Nov. 22nd. Eager fans can soon snag up a [digital] copy for the fair price of $2.99, along with a companion lyrics booklet - New Designer Drug: The Liner Notes. It will effectively chronicle the making-of this very album through transcribed lyrics, exclusive tour photos, and a foreword written by Rebecca Haithcoat (LA Weekly).
While Thundercat-assisted "Queen of Wonderland" is being pushed as apparent lead single, a music video was produced for double A-side single: "Whatchalookin@" / "Kill 4 Fun." A sampling pulled from New Designer Drug's middle section, the joint video was directed by The Ports. For the most part, the piece has no linear plot. But are nonetheless full of smooth rhythms, vibrant colors, and fashion-savvy costume changes aplenty. J*DAVEY - NEW DESIGNER DRUG: Nov. 2wenty2. Don't forget it!

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