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You've Got Mail: Jai Paul - "BTSTU" (Drake's Indie Selection) 2010 A.D. Edit

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Greetings, Ben & Holly! Matt from "The Witzard" music blog here...
I'm a 23-year-old college grad from South Jersey.
An aspiring Businessman and Journalist, I started the blog about 2 years ago in an effort to share my knowledge of Pop Culture and sharpen my writing chops.
To date, we have 50 Followers and rough 55,000 views and counting.
My favourite genres are Punk, Hop-Hop, and Indie Rock... But we try to cover all sorts of Pop Culture stories.
After reading this recent Stereogum interview with Drake, I was compelled to peruse the web for some Take Care era B-sides.
One of the first tracks I stumbled upon was "Dreams Money Can Buy," which I soon learned sampled Jai Paul - "BTSTU" (2010).
An artist that I had admittedly never heard of before...

with a quick Google search, I was lead to Jai Paul's MySpace page and saw this very email address along with "all [inquiries] chat to Ben (management) or Holly (other shit)."
This obviously lead me to you guys: Team Jai Paul, for all intensive purposes ha.
Sorry I'm a little late. But "BTSTU" has to be one of the most instantly-catchy and compelling tracks I've heard in a VERY LONG time!
While I love it, I really don't know what to think of it... the back-and-forth between Jai and himself ha, the Lo-Fi instrumentation, the underlying element of sheer mystery...
With that said, I'm basically intrigued and excited! Just wondering Jai Paul has planned next?
Somewhat curious as to why there are no other tracks... Full-length planned?
If not, "BTSTU" (Edit) is HANDS DOWN, the best One Hit Wonder of this decade!
Really just looking for some additional info... with hopes of getting in [direct] contact with Jai Paul - Possibly for an interview?
Thank you kindly for your time thus far! Hope to hear back from you guys soon.

Peace & love
- Matt Horowitz

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