Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yonas Michael Directs "Open the Door" (Boogie Down - Dance Video)

I'd like to think that Yonas Michael's original intentions were: To have Quentin Tarantino direct a lush, provocative, cleverly-choreographed end-all-be-all dance video to accompany "Open the Door." Hey, yeah, it's a [mildly] possible scenario - Alright, a man can dream: Life in LA! But in all reality actuality... in addition to rapping, [self] managing-promoting, and creating; Yonas Michael is now able to add "Amateur Director" to his professional resume.
Pain-stakingly edited and assembled from some of cinema's finest on-screen Boogie Down dance routines... "Open the Door" is my personal favourite album track and the perfect choice for a lead single, which I've told Yonas directly. That very street album (Lost In Hollywood), is now available for your downloading and listening pleasure(s). Plus, grab up a few related goodies over @ Yonas Michael's very own blog, "talk yo! shit."

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