Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Relax, Don't Do It: Das Racist & Patrick Wimberly Make Late Night Debut on Conan (Behind The Scenes of "Michael Jackson" & RELAX)

"About a year and half ago, [Heems] sent me a bunch of Bollywood tracks he wanted to sample. I'd take the tracks and chop them up on my MPC and then just let them fuck around until we'd found something we liked... "Michael Jackson" was originally an entirely different song. Right after we made the beat, the guys rapped on it and then it just sat in our vault for about 8 months. The next time we listened to it, we decided to trash all the verses and put the newly-written ["Mike"] hook on it. Then they wrote the final verses. We were working on that track off and on for almost an entire year. I probably did about 25 mixes before I got to the version that's on the record!" - Patrick Wimberly

The creative forces over at "Conan" somehow managed to lock in an appearance from Brooklyn's favourite Hipster Indie Hip-Hop darlings, Das Racist. Last night marked the debut Late Night television appearance from Heems, Kool A.D. and Dapwell - Joined by Patrick Wimberly (drums). Wimberly moonlights as 1/2 of Dream Pop-Experimental group, Chairlift. Most recently, he crafted 5 beats for Das Racist... in addition to recording, executive producing, and mixing down the entirely of Relax. The above excerpt was pulled from a [personal] emailed exchange with Patrick Wimberly, himself. The page-long pre-written account, which chronicles his first-hand experience with Relax, was sent out to a handful of inquisitive, young Journalists (August 2011). Das Racist & Patrick Wimberly effectively breached Nov. 29-30 Late Night television transmissions nation-wide at roughly 11:56 pm; Deeply confusing and delighting viewers with each approaching minute. Performance high-lights [low-lights] included: Dapwell's authoritative podium/bellowed vocal refrains, bat-less "Dizzy Bat," a LIVE beat-making MPC, wigged out Afros, hot posing ladies playing cymbals, seamless drum-keys change-up, Michael Jackson impersonator (Dub Interlude), and much much more! Das Racist's proper debut full-length, Relax is now available for mass consumption. While the Jan. 24th release date of Chairlift's long awaited follow-up, Something is without a doubt fast-approaching.

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