Thursday, November 10, 2011

GIMME SOME: Peter Bjorn John & Mayer - "Dig a Little Deeper" (Doo-Wop Remix)

While Ann Arbor, Michigan Doo-Wop singer (multi-instrumentalist) Mayer Hawthorne and Stockholm, Sweden-based Peter Bjorn & John couldn't be further apart distance-wise... They do in fact have a common affinity for Pop music. With that said, this track right here ultimately houses the essential Teenage Dream Pop team-up! Mayer Hawthorne has added his own unique vocal accents and flourishes onto PB&J's Soft Rock original, effectively morphing the track into a Doo-Wop tune for The Age of Tomorrow.
Let us hope that this is only the modest beginning(s) of Peter Bjorn & John x Mayer Hawthorne's collaborative efforts. Their latest albums -- Gimme Some and How Do You Do? -- are currently available for for your purchasing and listening pleasure. Catch Peter Bjorn & John and Mayer Hawthorne [& The County] in a town near you... As both bands are now in-midst of their respective nation-wide promotional tour jaunts. MAYER HAWTHORNE FOR DETROIT LIONS THANKSGIVING GAME 2011!!!

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