Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Italian Morrissey: Porcelain Raft - "Put Me to Sleep" (Strange, Lost Weekend 2012)

Mauro Remiddi is a well-traveled man (Rome, Brooklyn, London) who's not afraid to show his emotions through song, when need be. Remiddi moonlights as "Porcelain Raft," crafting densely-layered Dream Pop tunes, and mildly reminds this particular listener of one Steven Morrissey. Maybe it's the androgynous vocal stylings and "artsy" public image, paired with that all too familiar devil-may-care sate of being [attitude]. Porcelain Raft's music is dark and emotional. But not in that worn out, "obvious" sort of way.
The casual music fan might find it a bit shocking to realize that Mauro Remiddi has been involved in the world of music for the bulk of his 27-year existence; From playing circus gypsy music to tap dance piano, Remiddi has tracked a wide array of tunes to tape, mini-disc, and CD. Secretly Canadian will liberate his proper debut, Strange Weekend, this coming Jan. 23-24th.

"Once a dear friend of mine said, "Imagine if instead of water, it would rain milk." That sentence got stuck in my head. It's about texture; The way milk would spread through the tiny paths of the pavement, touching the trees first, then our heads, then the ground. With that in mind, I filmed and edited the "Put Me to Sleep" video in a day. I hope you enjoy it!"

- x (Porcelain Raft)

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