Thursday, November 18, 2010

Girl Talk's Monday Surprise

Here, my friends, is the new Girl Talk album, ALL DAY. Gregg Gillis (Girl Talk), let loose Album #5 unexpectedly, Monday morning at 5:30am. A new album's existence was made public just last week in a Pitchfork interview. Illegal Art is offering it up for FREE as either one long mp3 (the way it was intended) or as separate "Tracks." At one point Monday, Gregg "broke" the Internet. - As the album was being downloaded @ a rate that the site couldn't handle... I've been a fan of Girl Talk since 2006's Night Ripper; Thoroughly enjoyed that album, and this one's even better! For those of you not familiar with Gregg's style, it's basically mash-ups/remixes of 373 Top 40/Classic Rock Hits. It really is an amazing experience! A Pop Culture Field Trip, if you will. [Featured above and below are "Track 1" (Intro) and "Track 2." And trust me, the middle of the album is its strongest section.]
* A few of my favourite moments being: Rick Ross/"Cruel Summer," Rihanna/Fugazi, and GaGa+Beasties/Iggy Pop. ALL DAY will surely assist you in "Getting THEE PARTY started" this weekend.

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