Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm not sure if this is technically a "Post." There really isn't too much to actually post about. And there's no physical music, or in-depth info included. Well, I'm still gonna give this a shot... Yesterday afternoon, Pitchfork featured a post on their front page - "Diplo Works with Passion Pit Frontman." Sounds cool enough. The brief "article" noted that it all started when Diplo Tweeted this on the 8th: "Me and @mangelakos cooked up some meth + some hits this weekend btwn jails visits to @maddecent employees and baby raves." [Now, that sounds like a CLASSIC weekend!] Pitchfork writer, Tom Breihan goes on to say that the 2 recently spent 3 days hanging out together in LA. He later added a quote from a publicist, who said that the hang-age included Diplo and Michael "writing songs for other artists and drinking Pedialyte." So, keep your ears and eyes peeled!.. I'll do my very best to keep you in "the know" as more info comes to fruition.

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