Monday, November 8, 2010

Red Maps

Red Maps is attempting to bring back the printed map, in the age of GPS and computer-aided directions. The company is based out of NYC. The maps are easy-to-read, athletically pleasing, simple, and hip. At the current time, there are a solid number of maps for American and European cities - "The New York Set," Boston, Chicago, Vegas, LA, Miami/S Beach, DC, Philly, and San Francisco; Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, London, Berlin/Potsdam, Paris, Milan, Vienna, Madrid/Sevilla, and Florence. Most of them sell from $7.95-9.95. Some of the special features include "6 Things" and "Scene on the St." Travelers can therefore access guides to food/drink, shopping, attractions, art, transportation, and other various aspects of Popular Culture.

The above-listed maps are now available for purchase @ [With more to come in the near future.]

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