Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Project: Magazine

Project Magazine is the newest brainchild of Virgin labelhead/entrepreneur, Richard Branson. This is being touted as the "first all-digital magazine." The Project Magazine app just first became available today on iTunes for $2.99/issue, packaged along with the reader app for no additional cost. The publication is built to fit an iPad [, but rumor has it that iPod and Android versions will also be released soon.] Content will progressively be added to each issue throughout the course of the month; Areas including international culture, entertainment, design, business, travel, and a user comments section will surely revolutionize the magazine as we know it. December 2010, Issue #1 features Jeff Bridges on the "cover," a Tron: Legacy piece and a Bridges interview - along with a 3-D tour of Tokyo and a profile on the new 205mph Jaguar hypercar.
* The Project Magazine app is now available through iTunes. Additional [yet limited] content can also be viewed @ http://www.projectmag.com/.


  1. Yeah, I want one! I told my parents 2 get me an iPad for Christmas!.. They keep bugging me, and I thought that was a pretty easy answer ha