Monday, November 29, 2010

Kanye Goes Electric.

In my opinion (after a couple listens), I feel that Kanye's new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, is the pinnacle of his works. It balances and makes use of almost all of the tricks he's made use of on his previous releases - Soul samples, 808's, humor, Vocoder, personal trials and tribulations, current Indie samples, clever wordplay, skits, Auto-Tune, and useful features that don't at all feel preconceived.
Throughout Album #5, Kanye makes use of a new-found discovery - the guitar. While the album credits don't list a guitar player, I still feel that I'm hearing highly distorted (Auto-Tuned?) guitar riffs on a few tracks... Maybe they're samples. It really is an AWESOME addition to the "Kanye Sound Canon;" Possibly stemming from his love for Nine Inch Nails, or rooted as an influence from friend/signee KiD CuDi.
* The seemingly possible common thread linking the 3 tracks showcasing this new sound may be "Additional Producer" and player of various instruments, Mike Dean.

[Shred-age located in the middle "Interlude" section.]

BONUS: "G.O.O.D. FRIDAY" Track #7. [Guitar featured towards the end.]

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