Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Louie, Louie" 1981

Above is the (pre-Rollins) Black Flag 45 cover of the 1957 Richard Berry hit single. From what I can gather, his version is based off a Rene Touzet instrumental, "El Loco Cha Cha." "Louie, Louie" has been a big hit in many forms (The Kingsmen version possibly being the most well-known) over the past 50+ odd years. When it first came out, it was a popular on college radio stations. The partying Frat dudes couldn't understand the lyrics, but tried their best to sing along. Kids from schools up and down the East Coast wrote down the "lyrics" and passed them around via lyrics sheets. Everyone was convinced it was a dirty song - "I felt I rose in her hair..." and "she had a rag on..." So much so that the song was banned and spurred an FBI Obscenity Investigation; One that even Richard Berry was roped into!

And here's a 1984 live version with Henry Rollins, complete with an extended jam and improved lyrics. The video info says the recording is from the Master Soundboard Audio Feed. It's similar to the edit on Who's Got the 10½? (1986 live album).

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