Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nokia N8's "My Superfun Houseparty"

This is an online (French?) commercial for the new Nokia smartphone, the N8. Not much info on this video... But I'm assuming that it shows some of the things this phone can do. Don't hold me to that though. The video itself, features an odd cast of characters just having a good time! And according to Hypebeast, the Ed Banger Crew had a few hands in "My Superfun Houseparty"'s creation, too; Scored by Busy P ("Pedrophillia") and some sort of additional help coming from the label's art director, So-Me? The video-commercial may or may have been created using the new Hollwyood-style effects cell phone app, FX Studio. Sorry for the somewhat vague description... Cool video/phone nonetheless!

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