Friday, July 8, 2011

Das Racist Album Update, RELAX.

After generating steadily increasing amounts of buzz annually since about 2008 - Twitter Followers, viral videos, 2 "street albums" (mixtapes), The Illuminati Bootleg, Pop Culture covers/remixes... Das Racist are finally prepping their "proper" debut long-player; Heems' very own Greedhead Music will unleash RELAX this coming Sept. 13th. Those 2 above-stated [STELLAR!] mixtapes: Shut Up, Dude & Sit Down, Man (2010) can be streamed and subsequently downloaded over @ Bandcamp.
Notice the couch once again showcased on the album cover... This time, it's ablaze! Anyone seeing a pattern here? Possible Illuminati reference? "hahahaha jk." Peruse the RELAX tracklist, featured down below, if you'd like.
"FYI @patrickwhat [Wimberly] produced like half the album and mixed all of it!!"

- @dasracist Tweet

01. "RELAX" (Prod. Das Racist/Patrick Wimberly)
02. "Michael Jackson" (Prod. Das Racist/Patrick Wimberly)
03. "Brand New Dance" (Prod. Patrick Wimberly)
04. "Middle of The Cake" (Prod. Anand Wilder) _ Yeasayer
05. "Girl" (Prod. Blood Diamonds)
06. "Shut Up, Man" -feat. El-P (Prod. El-P) *
07. "Happy Rappy" (Prod. Diplo)
08. "Booty In the Air" (Prod. Patrick Wimberly) _ Chairlift
09. "Power" -feat. Danny Brown & Despot (Prod. Dash Speaks)
10. "Punjabi Song" -feat. Bikram Singh (Prod. J-La)
11. "Selena" (Prod. Patrick Wimberly)
12. "Rainbow In the Dark" (Prod. J-La)
13. "The Trick" (Prod. ROSTAM) _ Vampire Weekend
14. "Celebration" (Prod. Francis Farewell Starlite)

* Not to be confused with 18. "Sit Down, Man" [-feat. El-P], a Scoop DeVille production from Das Racist's similarly-titled Mixtape #2.

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