Sunday, July 17, 2011

Zombie Gang (Squid) - "Tu Come la Scheiße y Mourir"

At its primal core, Zombie Gang is much like a broke, early version of Wu-Tang Clan; One large collective that can easily be broken down into smaller groups (Awkward Silence), solo acts (Squid, i2i, T-Cannon), and works well in various alternative formations. Millville/Vineland, NJ's finest, ZG is also similar to Wu-Tang in the respect that they're already working on a gaggle of projects - Concurrently prepping an untitled "Killa Beez"-esque Zombie Gang mixtape, "Hair & The Hatter" debut mixtape & "The Complete Scissorhandz Collection" (Awkward Silence)... "Lyrical Mindfuck" (i2i), untitled Squid mixtape, T-Cannon solo, "Dollar Menu" tape?, and a miscellaneous Pauly Patey effort?
The erroneously-titled "Tu Come la Scheiße y Mourir" was unleashed via YouTube over the weekend and is technically * a Squid [-feat. Dollar & i2i] track. Edited/produced by Dylan & Company, "Tu Come"'s primary sample source is Aceyalone - "All for U," an RJD2 Production lifted from the pair's 2006 joint LP (Magnificent City). When questioned about the running background chatter, Dylan [eloquently] said: "It's "You eat shit and die!" in Spanish, German & French." [Then] the chorus is me saying "wrist, fist" in Spanish lol."

Zombie Gang

Awkward Silence = Dylan Sutherland ["Dollar"] & Pauly Patey
"Squid" = Nick Curio
"i2i" = Joel Lozano, Jr.
"T-Cannon" = Terrance Cannon

* "EAT SHIT & DIE" is the first sampling of Squid's upcoming untitled mixtape. Stay tuned @ Zombie Gang's Social Mediums: Facebook, ZombieGangTV Channel & Twitter's @ZombieGangBang - for further release details on the Zombie Gang collective's various releases.

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  1. With your investigatory journalist skills, can you find out if ZG is in need of a groupie?