Friday, July 15, 2011

What Stephen Malkmus Wants... Is Another Word for "Blowjob." (Matador Records)

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks' long-rumored collaboration with Beck (Mirror Traffic), will finally see a wide release this coming August 23rd. The Jicks laid down a set of 15 tracks with Beck behind the boards [producer], way back in the early part of 2010. When Malkmus went on tour with a re-united and now defunct Pavement (Sept.-Nov. 2010), the completed recordings were imminently shelved.
Now back on track and currently in midst of a promotional jaunt, "Senator" has been unleashed as Mirror Traffic's lead single. There's one small problem though... The catchy refrain @ the track's forefront ["I know what the senator wants - What the senator wants is a blowjob."] isn't exactly "kosher" for radio-play by FCC standards, that is. Hitting this minor "speed bump," SM & The Matador Records Camp have now enlisted fan help; Starting a contest of-sorts, appropriately dubbed "Help Stephen Malkmus write a song."

Further details straight from Patrick @ Matador: "Come up with a replacement for the word "blowjob" that radio stations can air. Stephen will sing the winning entry for the radio single when we send it to stations @ the end of September. PLUS, you'll win a one-of-a-kind 7″ single featuring your version of "Senator" on one side, and the original version on the flip – the rarest Matador release ever. Deadline for entries: August 23/Winner TBA: September 15." Send contest submissions and pre-order Mirror Traffic over @ The "Senator" mirco-site.

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