Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mastodon for Adult Swim ("Deathbound")

Mastodon are an ATL-based Progressive/Sludge/Groove Metal band and have been active since about 2000; With breakout releases including: Blood Mountain (2006), which -feat. single "Colony of Birchmen" and Crack the Skye (2009). While frontman, Brent Hinds recently released a split-debut album [comp.] from his 2 active side-bands, Fiend Without a Face & West End Motel... Mastodon's 4 members are currently holed up in the studio working on Album #5.
The Hunter is slated TBR @ an tentative Oct. release date... confirmed track titles housed within: "Blasteroids," "The Octopus Has No Friends," "Stargasm," "Curl of the Burl," "All the Heavy Lifting," and "Dry Bone Valley." This most recent track ["Deathbound"] was actually recorded during the Crack the Skye (Sessions), but was withheld from the final release. Adult Swim subsequently got a hold of it, commissioned a TOTALLY fucked up/cute Authority Films [Fraggle Rock] clip, and released the audio/video as part of their "10 Singles 8 Singles, 8 10 Weeks" effort.

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