Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Frankensteez & The A-Z's - "Mister Jason Has a Posse"/"Skeleton Key"

"Mister Jason Has a Posse"

1.) At its most simplistic element, a sly Andre the Giant [Has a Posse]/OBEY sticker campaign nod.
2.) On the more "complex" side of things, the track is essentially an A-Z Posse Cut; A practice which seems to have "grown out of style," the collective, round-about artform was once mastered by a number of 80's Hip-Hop acts.
The 26 various MC's featured within "Mister Jason Has a Posse" - in Alphabetical order - are: Akrobatik, Bad Newz, Checkmark, D-Tension, Esoteric, Forcefeeld, Edo G, Masstapeace, Indy Jonez (I.D.), Jaysaun, Falsehood, Moe Pope, Nabo Rawk, Oak Lonetree, Q-Unique, Reks, Slaine, Termanology, Dizzy [Ugly Duckling], Thirstin Howell III, Will C, YZ & J-Zone... each spitting roughly 4 bars.

"Frankensteez" is Mister Jason (Dr. Frankensteez)'s latest "solo" effort, of sorts... as it additionally showcases the talents of K-No Supreme (The Monster) - raps and Rain (Ygor) - co-producer/DJ/engineer. Himself a part of Boston's Porn Theater Ushers, Jason has had the loose idea for a Frankenstein-themed LP in-the-works since about 2004, with real, earnest effort going in hard for the last 2-3 years. Listed on their Facebook page, some of the trio's more interesting "Influences" include: Van Halen, Slayer, Bob Dylan, Bomb Squad [Public Enemy], Donovan, Bob Moog, Neil Young, Blue Note 1966-74... Greek, Bollywood, Johnny Cash, Turkish, Circle Jerks, and The Pogues. Frequent news updates and album ordering info are available over @ Frankeensteez's Facebook.

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