Tuesday, July 12, 2011

GHOSTDOOM - "Victory Laps" (Madlib Remix)

While we're still without any solid album release details, "Victory Laps" (Madvillainz Remix) marks the second physical release from DOOMSTARKS. - Second only to 2 different versions of "Angels" from Natural Selection and Born Like This. In addition, an mp3 version of "Chinatown Wars" for Grand Theft Auto was released online back in 2009. "Victory Laps" additionally credits Otis Jackson, Jr. (Madlib) as co-producer... since the track is also slated to appear on the long-rumored/upcoming? "MADVILLAINY #3" record.
The involved parties include: Ghostface Killah, [MF] DOOM, and Madlib; All of whom who have previously worked together in various facets - Miscellaneous solo album features MADVILLAINY #1-2, DANGERDOOM, Fishscale/More Fish... "Sniperlite" (Dilla Ghost DOOM). A collaborative GHOSTDOOM project has been in-the-works/spoken of since 2006-07. Devin Horwitz @ Nature Sounds has described "Swift & Changeable" as about 75% done, with the majority of beats crafted by DOOM, 1 J Dilla Donut, and a track that flips Michael Jackson - "Thriller" to "Killah!" Stay tuned? In the meantime, pick up "Victory Laps" on cassette and/or LP picture disc here and here, respectively. Product(s) will ship around August 30th.

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