Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wais P - Random Pimp EP (mixtape)

Wais P (The Pimp) was so "inspired" by Random Axe's [Black Milk, Guilty Simpson & Sean Price] recently-released debut LP, that he essentially remixed and flipped Tracks #1-7. This including: "Zoo Drugs" (Instrumental), "Random Call," "Black Ops," "Chewbacca," "The Hex," "Understand This," and "Everybody, Nobody, Somebody." All Black Milk productions, Wais P generated new concepts (fresh blood) into the beats and even [slightly] re-named each track, for all intensive purposes.
It should also be of note that the front and back covers are basically flipped Old-School images of Marilyn Monroe fanning skrillz [ca$h] and rockin' a swimsuit. @SeanMandela (Sean Price) has already co-signed the tape... Tweeting, "@waisthep YOU FUCKIN CRAZY B #SALUTE ON RANDOM PIMP PIMPIN.'" and then (again) later, "@waisthep IM A SQUARE FROM DELAWARE WHO RAP GOOD LMAO!!" Simply head on over to DJ Booth to download the complete Random Pimp EP (mixtape) and Marilyn cover(s).

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