Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Roots for John Varvatos - "Untitled Jawn"

One can assume that one of the more challenging parts of assembling a captivating collection is figuring out a fun, inventive way of presenting the individual pieces. For his most recent batch, fashion designer John Varvatos decided to simply go the "Throw The Roots In Front of an Airplane" route; As opposed to a Hipster Lookbook and/or a so-weird-it's-cool fashion show. 5/9 Roots present for role call: ?uestlove, Black Thought, "Tuba Gooding Jr." (Damon Bryson), F. Knuckles, and Kamal Gray. Over the last few years, The Roots Crew have gained a long-overdue helping of industry notoriety and world-wide success.... after becoming the certified "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Band" in 2009 - The show airs weeknights @ 12:35am.
Die-hard TV fans may very well remember John Varvatos from his gripping portrayal of "Jon Varvatos" on How to Make It In America. Prior to launching John Varvatos Fashion House in 2000, Varvatos first clocked all-important practice time @ both Polo Ralph Lauren (Polo Jeans Company) and Calvin Klein (cK Brand). Outfitted in 5 distinct pre-made John Varvatos "outfits," assembled from the components of the upcoming Fall/Winter 2011 campaign... The Roots then proceeded to perform a new [improvised?] track right on the runway of Republic Airport, New York. The complete event was captured with one camera and filmed entirely in black & white, in one single take on May 22, 2011.

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