Friday, July 29, 2011

Woodshop 101 with AJ Fosik ("Black Tongue")

G.) Does your favourite Sludge Metal band have a colorful sense of humor... with track titles like: "Blasteroids," "Curl of the Burl," "Dry Bone Valley," and "Stargasm?"

N.) Would they dare commission a modern-day "Renaissance Man" [wood carver] to design their latest album cover?

A.) Have they worked alongside producer, Mike Elizondo? (Eminem, Fiona Apple, 50 Cent - "In da Club," Nelly Furtado)

R.) Would they be oh so "kind" [naive] as to cast a troupe of violence-prone Muppets puppets in their latest music video? @ "Deathbound"

L.) Has their drummer [Brann Dailor] ever dressed up like a "Punk Rock Mr. Rodgers" for the sake of a 30-second video intro bit?

Y.) Is their frontman [Brent Hinds] a full-time carpenter... and active member of 2 separate Surfabilly/Acoustic Hobo-sexual side-projects?

Mastodon - The Hunter (Sept. 27th) is a "jump-on-your-bed, get naked, and go streaking kind of record... It's just fucking awesome!" Brent Hinds told SPIN back in May.
Limited Edition Packages are now available for pre-order @ Mastodon Rocks.

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