Tuesday, February 22, 2011

J*DaVeY's "The Great Mistapes #2"

Earlier today, Jack Davey♀ and Brook D'Leau♂ unleashed their latest effort - Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes (Part 2).
The boy/girl duo previously released a collection of 2 EP's, The Beauty In Distortion/The Land of The Lost (2008), along with Dec. 2009's Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes (Part 1).
While it's still yet to be determined if the 2 mixtapes/EP's together create one concurrent story, Part 2 indeed features a Nevermind-era Nirvana cover and 4 additional tracks.
J*DaVeY are currently on tour with Blu; The NeWest [US] Tour runs through early April. Along with producers Greg Wells, ?ustlove, and Khari Farrai, the band is prepping their Warner Bros. debut ["New Designer Drug"] for a TBD Summer 2011 release.

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