Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Turtleback's [iPhone 4] "Turtle Jacket"

"Named Turtle Jacket, the aluminium 'iPhone [4] camera case' contains UV filter, and is compatible with any 37mm lenses. The company also offers 60mm (for close up), 21mm (for long shot) and 8mm (for fish-eye-view). The two holes in the bottom are for tripod. The case is also compatible with other brands such as Manfrotto Modo. Paired with a camera strap, it looks almost like a digital camera."

Get some tricked-out, "old school"-style accessories to compliment the ACE-quality camera of the new iPhone 4; The Turtle Jacket, as well as a variety of lenses (Wide, Tele, and Fish Eye) are available over @ Turtleback.

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