Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Street Style" Vans Old Skools

A truly "classic" on its own, the Vans Old Skool model has just become even more supreme. Formerly known as "Van Doren Rubber Co.," Vans has just unleashed a hybrid of old/new styles - the Old Skool (Street Style version). One of the brand's most recognizable shoes, Old Skool (Style #36) dates back to around 1977, features varied 2-tone leather color combos, a black/white rubber sole, and the now infamous "jazz [side]stripe." Plastered across the red back tag, it's unclear as to whether or not the "Street Style" logo actually pre-dated/followed the popular "Off the Wall turtle" design.
Moreover, this new model mashes-up the 2 throwback styles. Highlighted here in a green/black/white colorway, the BRAND NEW Vans Old Skool Street Style'd model is available now @ select retailers. One of these including Encino, CA's Primitive Shoes.

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