Monday, February 21, 2011

Rising: Elite Gymnastics

Together, James Brooks and Josh Clancy make up Elite Gymnastics. The Minneapolis duo's Facebook page list their brand of Club-inspired Chill-Wave as "SLIME." The [companion] Elite Gymnastics MySpace page describes the band's sound as: "ROBERT DE NIRO IN "HEAT."" and "If Albert Einstein(INTP) and Michael Jordan(ENFJ) started a band."
"WΛKΛ" is included on their most recent release GIZZARD GREENS V.2. It also features a track titled "GΛGΛ" - A "Paparazzi" cover. James and Josh have released 3 additional 2-4 tracks Digital-EP's (NEU! '92, GIZZARD GREENS V.1, and REAL FRIENDS) since their Summer 2009 inception; FreEP's including Cheryl Crow/Rusko x Caribou/Jim Jones(?) covers, album/track artwork, original tracks, and download-able PDF booklets.
Grab the gaggle of tracks [as well as album art, videos, Pop Culture nuances, etc.] over @ the band-run "Psychadelic sUrf clUb" tumblr page.

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